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occasionally witty things will show up here... [entries|friends|calendar]
“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky”

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[13 Apr 2011|02:01am]
I just turned in an essay entitled Andrew Jackson: Our First Redneck President.

I hope the professor has a sense of humor.
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Fiction seed [24 Mar 2011|02:52pm]
"It wasn't that he was lonely, not such that he would ever admit to himself, nor that he was cognizant, on a regular basis, of the absence of sex, but he did find himself becoming more attentive in the proximity of public pools, tanning salons, and dance studios."
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Adventures in fatherhood... TMI, Baby! [14 Feb 2011|03:29pm]
Rose is having a bit of diaper rash, so after changing her I put her on the floor to air-dry. She was doing fine, so I stepped into the bathroom to pee. Door was open, I could hear her, by turning my head I could see her.

Her giggles turned to cries, I turned around to see her... rolling around in a pile of her own poo...

We have now had a bath, quilt and toys are going into the wash, and she is giggling again.
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[06 Feb 2011|11:15pm]
I'll be in midtown Manhattan most of this week.

Are you nearby? Want to talk, drink coffee, see the baby?
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yello! [03 Jan 2011|09:12pm]
So, who's on Instagr.am?
Originally uploaded by mckenzee.
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[01 Jan 2011|04:57pm]
In 2011, mckenzee resolves to...
Spend more time with my robots.
Start a sculpture fund.
Tell my family about aliens.
Go gardening three times a week.
Connect with my inner prague.
Eat more foreign films.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:
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Rose thinks you are funny! [23 Dec 2010|11:23am]

NOTE: if you block animated gifs, you are missing 80% of the fun!
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Happy Holidays from my fridge [23 Dec 2010|10:50am]
Sqhueaky chlean Cthulhu dons his gay apparel...

Hi, UrsulaV!

Originally uploaded by mckenzee.
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[19 Dec 2010|11:19pm]
Jess, Rose, and I went to a Christmas party yesterday where I barely knew one other person. There was some interesting conversation, a great old ramshackle house, and eggnog thick like foamy pudding floating on a sea of rum. Seriously, I was chewing through alcoholic meringue. Yum!

Oh, and the parrots were cool, too.
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Clouds dissipate! [17 Dec 2010|11:03am]
The announced demise of http://del.icio.us prompted me to back up other online storage sites (flickr, photobucket, etc.)

I highly recommend migratr (http://migratr.en.softonic.com/) for archiving photos from all your sites.

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The view from our bedroom window. [16 Dec 2010|10:15am]

Yes, we now live in 1950's Florida.
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[12 Dec 2010|07:33pm]

Originally uploaded by mckenzee.
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Lone-Starred [29 Nov 2010|02:51pm]
Seeing the various Texas outline/Star posters, signs, and such made me want to play around a little.

I haven't seen this combination yet.

Originally uploaded by mckenzee.
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Tummytime is hard work! [28 Nov 2010|03:01pm]

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Gulf Print Storm [21 Nov 2010|07:26pm]

It was a busy weekend, with Estonian performance art, steam roller exquisite corpse printing, art purchases, and schmoozing.

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There's a reason I haven't been on LJ lately [13 Nov 2010|04:33pm]

I live in Texas now.

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[09 Sep 2010|04:50pm]

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The Integration Is A Lie! [02 Sep 2010|10:50am]

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Ping me? [02 Sep 2010|08:47am]
Updated itunes and now I'm all social. Care to watch my embarrassing musical purchases?

Ping me: Larry Holderfield
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[10 Aug 2010|07:57pm]

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