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This also feeds the sewer rats, so that they’ll have shiny coats...

Today's breakfast: Coffee for me, tea for Jess.

Place two thick-cut slices of French bacon in the pan (more like two slabs of ham). Cook over low heat forever...
Clean and slice several small potatoes (2 cups?). Peel and dice one small onion. Set aside. Turn up bacon, turning occasionally. Drink coffee.

Crack two eggs into a cup.
Notice again that French bio, plein air eggs have much thicker shells than in the States.

Add milk equal to the amount of egg, whisk together.

Read news online, check bacon. Once the bacon is getting crusty, remove from pan, set on papertowel to absorb grease. Pour off all but about 1 Tbsp. of grease from pan, melt in a smallish chunk of butter, add onions.

when pouring grease down the sink, run extremely hot water for a few minutes, so that the congealing grease will cause a clog in the sewer system, not in your pipes. This also feeds the sewer rats, so that they’ll have shiny coats...

alternately, you can carefully pour the grease into a bowl of cold water and skim it off to throw away later. Or you can pour it into a metal container and save it to flavor another meal. Jess won’t let me do this.

Stir the onions a couple of times, so that they are well coated, then add the potatoes. Stir occasionally until potatoes start to brown. Turn down the heat and pour the eggy milk over the potatoes, stir until eggs are as you like them.

Note: salt can be added at any time, but black pepper should only be added after the eggs are mixed in. Otherwise the flavor is weakened.
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