“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky” (mckenzee) wrote,
“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky”

Danny the Car Wiper was on the nod.

More to remind myself than anything else. Some of my favorite non-traditional Christmas songs:

The Junkie's Christmas - William S. Burroughs
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
Father Christmas - The Kinks
Fairytale of New York - The Pogues
The Train - Celestial Navigation
Indian Giver - Squirrel Nut Zippers
Little Drum Machine Boy - Beck
Peace On Earth / The Little Drummer Boy - Bing Crosby & David Bowie
Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey - Lou Monte
The Only Gay Eskimo - Corky and the Juice Pigs.

Man, I have over 300 Christmas mp3s backed up on CD. I'll add more as I remember.
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