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A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees: more info needed

There are still 2 (maybe 3?) authors I'm waiting on, ones that I am eager to include and so am willing to wait a bit. Actually, let me say ones I am thrilled and lucky to have attracted (maybe that will nudge them).

I have also lined up at least 6 illustrators, some of whom are already working on bee shots. I can't wait to see these.

Now, while I am working on editing and reviewing and such (they seem to be falling into a natural sequence, which frightens me), I need a little something from all of you. Namely, a bio.

And so, at the recommendation of jlundberg, I am borrowing from Kathryn Cramer's How to Write an Author Bio tutorial..

I need something short containing the following:

  • The author's correct name and any known pseudonyms (True name can be left off if you wish)
  • year of and place of birth (optional)
  • where the author lives and minor family details (optional)
  • the URL of the author's website. Failing that, if the author has a blog, the URL of the blog.
  • A brief summary of the highlights of the authors career and life. This may or may not include a summary of awards.
  • The author's three most recent books (comics, gallery showings, published work of any kind), with brief descriptions OR
  • The author's three most important books or stories
  • Relationships to others in the field or other notable people (actually, relationship to myself or others working on the project, in this case. For example, I will link tiny_monster and tedprior in thier bios).
  • Other interesting aspects of an author's life. Other areas of achievement. Can you tapdance while juggling?
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