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That's sylvia_wrath's hand, jason0x21, and dollraves's hand


Yesterday, I managed to get off work earlier (only 8 hours), so I convinced Jessica (la_sherazade) that we should go to the Scott McCloud lecture at State(mccloudtour).

I saw several of you there (dirkdada, victor_von, ashears, jlundberg, marrael, among others). I also saw a few old friends from Design School.

I didn't feel like struggling through the crowd to talk to Scott, so I said hi to Sky, witnessed Winter's amazing feats of contortion and gave them both Sinister Bedfellows buttons.

Then jason0x21, sylvia_wrath, badger, dollraves whose LJ name I've momentarily forgotten, Jess and I went out to Lilly's Pizza for, well, pizza and spastic conversation about Peter O'Toole and plane crashes.

Jolly good fun!
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