“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky” (mckenzee) wrote,
“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky”


There will be a large post later, with photos and such, about how I spent the day yesterday, but first this...

I did not receive ANY submissions for A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees this week (I did get a few stories and poems prior to this weekend).

Several of you (yes, YOU!) said you were writing stories, so where are they?

I did not receive ANY comics, just bee drawings.

Please, if you sent something over the weekend or since, send it again.

If you are working on something but blew the deadline, let me know how long you need.

If you come up with a children's story involving bees in anyway, SEND IT!

For those who volunteered to illustrate, I'll have something to you this weekend, I hope.

uminthecoil, I owe you a non-bee story and reference photo. Hopefully this weekend also.
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