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Reduction Linoleum Block Prints Linoleum Block Prints Block Prints Prints

flameswithin, do you know about this?

I have been working on linocut blocks for printing C∂ulhuvi∂a.

I take a block, sketch out the image (mirrored) in pencil, ink it with a sharpie and carve, NOT conforming to the lines, but using them as suggestions.

Then I will roll ink onto the block, press paper against it and have a print.

Mary Mark goes infinately beyond me. She does multiple colors, requiring multiple carvings, but...she does it all on one block!

She carves, inks with one color, prints however many images she wants, carves some more, inks another color, prints again, ETC... Each step is irreversible, there are no "master" blocks to keep, no way to every print more. At the final step, only a few highlights remain standing on the lino block, all else has been cut away.

I think I will have to try this, once. Much planning needed.
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