“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky” (mckenzee) wrote,
“...something amazing, a boy falling from the sky”

What should I become if I grow up?

Being underemployeed is starting to wear on me. I’m working long hours at manual labor and making half of what I did two years ago.

So, you people out there on the internet have seen some of my talents and interests. I have two questions for you.

1. If I went back to school, what should I study?

2. At what type of job do you think I would be happy and competent?

Note, some interests you may have missed. I love 19th cent. Russian literature, Medieval history and the outdoors. When I used to go camping, I prefered only taking what I could carry on my back (sometimes matches, twine and a Leatherman knife was enough for a weekend).
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