February 1st, 2010


(no subject)

Got up this morning at 6:30am, classes were delayed until noon.

Drove Jess to work in Winston (50 miles, only bad once we got to campus)

Drove back to Greensboro, Park & Ride lot was locked.

Drove around until 10:30am, got into lot.

Sat in car until 11am waiting on buses to start running.

Stood outside student center for 20 minutes until someone opened door. Went in and was told that the building was closed until noon, but they did let me go to the bathroom.

11:30am, buying coffee in "closed" Starbucks, got email and twitter notice that school was NOT going to open at noon.

Caught bus back to Park & Ride. They were shutting down, probably trapped a few commuters on campus.

Drove back to Wake Forest University to wait for Jess to finish with her classes.

Now UNCG says I need to get up at 6am tomorrow to check the website and see if they are going to have class.

I drove 175 miles today, the ice was not that bad. I walked around campus, the sidewalks were not that bad. HAVING TO WAIT AROUND IN THE SNOW ALL DAY WAS BAD.