January 7th, 2010


transport is becoming an issue.

Crawled under the Aerostar last night and pulled off the starter. With out the use of a jack. Even in my thick jacket I can slide across the frozen ground and fit under a Ford.

Hauled it around the block and confirmed that it is well and truly dead. A new one will cost $85, rebuilding this one could cost from $35 to over $100, depending on what they find wrong inside (it is 16 years old).

Pulled the skid pad off the Altima, crawled underneath and fiddled with the neutral safety switch. Even disconnected and manually moved into the proper position, it won't let the car start. Couldn't get hands into tiny little cranny to disconnect the wiring.

Visited two auto part shops, neither had one in stock, one could order it for $135, the other for $150 (three times what I paid for the car). Napa website claims they have it in-stock for $85. Once I have it in hand, I can figure out how to disconnect the old one using needle-nose pliers and a butter knife.

This week, I can afford one $85 part.

Looks like the Altima gets fixed tomorrow, van waits for spring's financial aid to kick in.

Then back to rewiring the upstairs lights.