June 25th, 2009


My little webcomics group has spawned.

reposted: Hey guys,

This is TSHolden from Sandstorm Conscience, just putting a general reminder out to the internet that Evan Dahm (of Rice Boy) and I will be hosting the first meeting of the NCWCCC-WB (North Carolina WebComics Coffee Clatch Western Branch) NWW? I have been alarmingly negligent in publicizing this, so here are the details:

Where: Boone NC
Specifically: Expresso News (http://www.espressonews.com/ (has sound))
When: 6:00pm this Saturday.
How long: About an hour or until they kick us out

Sorry if anyone wanted to come but didn't know about it: Evan and I will figure out future meetings further in advance and get the word out sooner!