May 7th, 2009


It can be a soup or a sandwich!

On browsing a book on weird and wonderful words, called, oddly enough, Weird and Wonderful Words, I came upon the cockagrice.

It once was an entree composed of an old cock and a suckling pig, first boiled together, then roasted on the same spit.

But since I have also been dabbling in heraldry (in my copious spare time), I immediately assumed it was a winged boar, similar to a cockatrice or a gryphon.

Then I realized that it would be an awesome new food for a RenFaire. Roasted chicken breast and pork shoulder, finely chopped, then simmered in chicken broth with a little tomato, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Served with a ladle, in a bowl, it's stew. Served with a slotted spoon, in a bun, it's BBQ.


So, if any of you serve food to the SCA, please give it a try.
Credit Trichinella's Cockagrice (pronounced cocky-greasy).

oh, and that's gules checky argent, on a cockagrice rampant vert, armed and pinioned or. It's a combination of a red checked table cloth with green eggs and ham.