April 5th, 2009


What I did today:

Woke up an hour too early.
Bacon and bagels.
Gas station.
Dropped phone in back yard.
Returned lawnmower to parents.
Met demiurgent, weds, ursulav, and ashears for coffee.
Failed to find parking at the UNC library.
Encountered CLOWNS while taking a shortcut through the CEMETERY.
That's just wrong.
Picked up la_sherazade from library, carried many books though clown-infested cemetery.
Seriously, it's like creepy-cubed.
Stopped by parents to check on sister's wedding plans.
Stopped by patents' church to check on sister's wedding plans.
Locked keys in car.
Why is my sister dressed as a clown at the church?
And my young cousins?
Check out bride and bridesmaids' dresses.
All the related clowns head off to entertain kids somewhere.
Mom and Dad arrive to take la_sherazade and myself home.
Oh look! There's my phone.
They take me back with extra keys.
I go home, again.
I start removing sod from the garden plot.
Way too tired for that.
Accidently terrify cat with robot dinosaur toy.
She made a sound we've never heard before.
Wife wants to go for a walk.
We go to city park and walk.
We go to new shopping center to see what new stores have opened.
We go to grocery store for refried beans.
We go home and make Nachos.
We watch Hotel Babylon on DVD.
Lots of dishes washed.
Sheets are changed, flannels in the wash.
Bread is baking.
Wife is in shower.
I'm posting to my journal.
Good night.