March 28th, 2009


Taking a break from watching paint dry...

Before I put on the next coat of primer, I wanted to think about my current reading.

A few days ago I finished The Scar by China Miéville.

Overlapping with that by a few chapters, I started Fathom by cmpriest. Yes, my readings overlap. The Scar was upstairs in the bedroom, occasionally taken into the truck for slow moments at work, and Fathom started in the bath and ended up in the kitchen for tea-steeping time.

The Scar is what I tend to think of as Science Fantasy with a hint of steampunk. Great huge novel of pirates and sea witches and raising the avanc or leviathan. Fathom is a little smaller, a little spunkier, dark fantasy (not quite horror to me) novel about a pirate, a sea witch, and a quest to raise a leviathan.

I did not realize this when I started, but it is a subgenre that works for me :) I like the sea.

Since I've already read everything else by Cherie, I now have to get the rest of China's œuvre. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, and look, ursulav's Dragonbreath just popped up as a suggested read on Amazon. I've already read an ARC, personally thrown at me by the author/illustrator, but I highly recommend it for kids (and those of us who can't seem to grow up).

The above links lead to the Amazon pages or my friends' LJs. You should check them out.