March 25th, 2009


Where I've lived thus far (a work in progress)

I was born in Wuesthoff Memorial Hospital, Florida
I don't remember my first address
four twenty four Fourth Street
forty seventy Banberry Lane

Then I moved to North Carolina

forty two fifty six Rural Route one
forty two fifty six Highway sixty two
Bragaw Hall, then Lee Hall
twenty four sixty eight Wesvill Court

somewhere on Glascock Street
and I'm forgetting somewhere here

three oh nine Cutler Street
four oh nine Chamberlain Street
four ten Kinsey Street

then a trailer park in Cary

seven nineteen Gaston Street
one twenty five Chamberlain Street
one twenty Cox Avenue
two twelve Plaza Hollow Drive

Then I moved to California

eleven seven twenty two San Pablo Avenue
fifteen eleven Jackson Street
twenty seven hundred Prince Street

Then I moved to Paris, France

vingt-cinq Rue du Pont aux Choux
une Cour de Rohan

Then I moved to North Carolina

forty two fifty six South North Carolina sixty two
seven forty three East Davis Street