October 21st, 2008



  • 16:24 I'm alive. And there will be stories about how that happened. #
  • 16:49 OK, I am not going to try to catch up. #
  • 17:11 First good email: We saw your work at the Festival -- would love for you to participate in the Arts Council’s “Holiday Invitational.” #
  • 17:12 Second good email: If your pieces were not chosen for the exhibition you would have already been contacted to pick up your work. #
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Dear "Real Americans",

My father's family came here ten generations ago. Well, one did, as a three year old indentured servant responsible for the debt of his parents, who died on the voyage.

Half my mother's family came here on foot, from Asia, when that was still possible.

I drink lattes, have lived in Berkeley and France, have relatives of every hue and sexual persuasion, and am more popular than you.

If you'd like to argue my status as a "Real American", I just have one question: bare knuckle or pistols?

Either way I can probably take you.


Larry Holderfield