October 6th, 2008


A few notes, for those trying to follow along at home:

Worked in Charlotte today, then drove down to Columbia to visit my sister, Karen, who is in the hospital. She has major blood clots in her left leg (it swelled up and turned purple) as well as a minor clot in each lung. She is on blood thinners and pain killers and has to spend the next 5-7 days in bed. But she's doing fine, considering.

yesterday we bought sheetrock to redo the ceiling in the upstairs bathroom and J's office. Hopefully I can do some of that tomorrow night, but we might go to the Arts Council meeting and I want to watch the debate.

I have not done a comic this week. I may get one up soon.

I got bumped from the local retirement home book club christmas luncheon.

I may be doing a radio interview in support of the new local con. All depends on scheduling, I have a Dr. appointment the same day.

I forgot to sign my entry fee check for the State Fair, but they said they will hold it for me and I can sign when I drop off my photo.

I forgot what else...