October 1st, 2008


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Back around Memorial Day, I was complaining that I couldn't locate one of my favorite poems, of which I could only remember a few lines.

Well, in one of the boxes from California, I found a near-forgotten notebook of poems!

Brunanburh, A.D. 937

Jorge Luis Borges

No one at your side.
Last night I did a man to death in battle.
He was spirited and tall, of the clear line of Anlaf.
he tumbled to the ground and was a thing,
an object for crows.
Vainly will you await him,
woman I have not seen.
They will not bear him back,
the ships which fled over the yellow waters.

In the hour of the dawn,
out of a dream,
your hand will reach for him.
Your bed is cold.
Last night I killed a man
in Brunanburh.

Things I am working on/Why I am sorry

L'Chaim: a short story for the second NCWCCC anthology, about fortune cookies and golems. I am also recruiting commentary for this anthology.
A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees: A few of you have asked lately. I have changed computers, operating systems, and software. As soon as I master STUPID PAGE NUMBER FORMATTING I will complete the layout and kill this thing.
HalfBreed: The Journal of Semi-Indigenous Culture: I have a few articles, I know what the cover should look like, I need to find a few more writers. Aiming for Christmas.
The Brothers Frere-Jones: No response to my emails, due December 1st, not sure I'm going to make it.
Silver Bullets, an exquisite corpse: Who did I leave this with? I think someone owes me a chapter.

Personal stories in rough notes...
In the Chrono-Lepidopterist Society series:
Q: the True and Accurate History of the Mexican Conquest of Spain
Saint Claire and the Farnsworth Device
Defender of the Faith

Also, I, Hugo, The War of Sint Maartin, the one about the bill-sticker who stole the plane...

Also, entering a photo in the State Fair, setting up to sell photos at the local arts council, setting up book launch party at the library, and, wait, what was it?

Oh, yeah, renovating a 92 year old house.