June 12th, 2008


Welcome to the neighborhood!

Wheee.... was watering the plants (the scattered showers today totally missed us) and noticed that our lawnmower was missing from the shed. Then noticed that my neighbor's shed was standing open. But she removes the battery from her riding mower, so it was still there.

A brief chat with a cop, he recommends another light in the yard and said he had a pretty good idea who took it.

Two hours later, I'm taking the recycling to the street and notice said cop standing on the front porch. He's seen several mowers in the suspect's yard and wants to know if I can do a drive-by ID. So I hop in and we cruise... two blocks from my house. He shines a spotlight into the yard and sure enough, there are a dozen pushmowers, all basically alike. Of course I can't identify it at 11 pm from the street by spotlight.

So he gets out and knocks on the door. An older guy, who I believe has stopped by asking if we need help moving or mowing or anything, comes out. They walk around the yard together, then the cop comes back and says that none of them match my description (broken throttle wrapped in wire). He rolls the two blocks back to my house and lets me out, in plain view of the neighbors.