May 25th, 2008


A little help here, it tastes like wasps!

Back in that space where I don't have time to implement all the crazy projects that keep bubbling out of my ears, so I'm recruiting friends. At least one of these projects may draw protests and burnings.

On a longer term, sadly neglected project, is anyone out there a layout whiz that can take my Scribus or Word or text and image files and turn them into a PDF book for uploading? I swear, A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees has been finished for almost a year, except for the page numbers, index, bios, and a few spot illustrations. And the guilt is crippling me.

Also, it's a holiday weekend, I was hoping to install indoor showers and sinks in the house we are living it (we drive 5 miles to shower and cook each evening), so, of course, someone cuts one of the interweb tubes and I gotta go stick it back together (for new friends, I'm a fiber optic repair dude, with an orange shirt and WARNING: LASERS sticker and everything! My truck has a buckit! and disco lights).