May 20th, 2008

Paint me

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So, we have almost everything out of the old house. There is still a cat, a chicken, and some office furniture there.

All the food, clothing, books, and furniture are crammed into the bungaloid, which is still half-plumbed. We have hot water now, but no shower or kitchen sink yet.

As a result, we are sleeping at my parents', which causes a little stress. They go to bed earlier, eat different, and watch a lot more TV. Also, there are now 5 computers here, but no router.

And on Saturday, my mother-in-law shows up for a week long visit. We'll be sleeping at the bungaloid, but perhaps driving over to the 'rents for bathing. Or I might run a hose from the water heater into the back yard.

Still behind on sleep, and other more interesting things.