May 16th, 2008


Oh, as in, in addition to what I said in that last locked post...

Oh, and Bank of America charged us an overdraft fee on a non-existent overdraft, thereby causing us to be overdrawn.

Seriously, $35 fee leading to $19 overage. It took me half an hour on the phone to get a manager to admit that they couldn't find any reason for us to have been charged and to credit the $35 back to us.

They also mentioned that the reason it took so long to check is because I am using a "temporary" bank card. I asked how that could be, since it was sent to me last year and is good until 2012. They said that it had been canceled two days ago and my new card was in the mail. The cancellation is due to some fraudulent activity which they failed to explain to me. Sounds like someone lost another list of account numbers.

So, Bank of America. They jeopardize your identity, cancel your cards without notice, and bill for non-existent overages, then wait to see if you complain.