April 20th, 2008


(no subject)

1. There is a new Sinister Bedfellows.

2. I'm going to be live on the radio! On May 8th, at about 12:40pm, ursulav, m_monique, and myself will be interviewed about the North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch on The State of Things, on our local NPR station. It will be rebroadcast that night, then released as a podcast on the site. We are also negotiating to have excerpts animated for the site.

3. New house issues. The upstairs bathroom sink leaks into the dining room ceiling. I have removed half the acoustic tile and sheetrock, to expose a mild case of black mold. Fortunately, the actual ceiling boards (7 inch tongue and groove!) seem fine, so I just need to cut a hole to access the leaking pipe joint, repair it, then put up new sheetrock. We were going to need to replumb for the new shower anyway, so this gives us an excuse to get rid of the acoustic tile.

4. My sister borrowed our van to drive to Biltmore yesterday and overheated climbing Black Mountain. We think she blew a hose or gasket ($), it doesn't seem to be a cracked block or head ($$$). Dad is towing it home today to check it out while I worry about the plumbing.

5. Got projects going on for Free Comic Book Day, too.