April 16th, 2008


Today I saw a horned lark. Thanks to UrsulaV for the ID.


First, let me say that I too am missing the original content which normally appears here. But, well, work... lots of work.

And the new house... lots of work there too. I haven't even read any webcomics in about a week.

And the doctor. I have a cyst in my big toe caused by wearing Chuck Taylors with no arch support. I have a low red blood count. I seem to have had a low grade persistent sinus infection... for a couple of years!!! due to my deviated septum. Fortunately, all minor and treatable problems.

And the cats. Simone is insane, knocking things around in the middle of the night. Sasha is highly allergic to fleas, to the point of losing a lot of fur.

And the wife. No, she's almost perfect.

Maybe, possibly, this weekend, I can tell you a story :)
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    Ainadamar - Dawn Upshaw and the Boston Symphony