March 14th, 2008


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No real house news right now. Work is ongoing, as time and money allow.

The building next door got tagged, so now our driveway belongs to the SquarePants Posse.

Big news which I can't share quite yet (no, we aren't pregnant, though we were worried about that for a few days). Work schedule is erratic and money is negligible, as usual.

There will be some writing and editing this weekend.
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    Open The Door: British Sea Power

This post is about BPAL. Shut up!

Yes, I'm a total girl.

I'd like to try imps of the following, if anyone can help me out.

Antonio, The Carny Talker, Casanova, Highwayman, Jolly Roger, Mag Mell, Phobos, Severin, The Sailor's Den, Versailles, Villain, Zephyr

Other verbena/citrus blends are welcome. Also, if there is one with notes of tobacco, coffee, leather, bay rum, lily of the valley, gardenia, and formaldehyde, let me know. I'm thinking "The Undertaker's Break Room".

I have a few to trade, can't list them until I clear it with Jess.