March 2nd, 2008


The 4 year old plumber's helper was great, until he realized we didn't have a working bathroom. Incr


The house, from the street. There are a few photos of the destruction of the bathroom on my flickr account, with notes.

We worked about 12 hours today, ripped up two layers of floor, managed to keep about 1/3 of the original flooring, which was under the water damaged plywood and tile. Removed all the galvanized plumbing and replaced it with "pex", flexible plastic. Someone decided to help us and stole about 20 feet of copper pipe out of the crawlspace since the inspection a month ago. (Jess, this would be the water they heard running when they came to activate our account). We still have copper piping inside the house (polished in some rooms, chromed in others).

Tomorrow Dad and I replace the water damaged floor joists and plywood, then I can order the fancy tile and new toilet. And carry the other cast iron claw foot tub up the stairs and into the other bathroom.

Though we know for sure, Amidst this fading light, We'll not go home again

Ah,, I don't know what you are trying to be.

But a day of downtime followed by a personal home page filled entirely with, well, the stuff quoted below?

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Could this possibly be your hyped "new profile style"?
Is this a generate-your-own friends' page adventure?
All I want is my warrenellis-ate-steampunk-cthulhu discussion board!

We have half a bathroom floor


Can't seem to concentrate tonight. Can't watch an entire movie, keep reading the same paragraph over and over, not even sure...


At least I have Leonard Cohen. And chocolate milk.

Oh, and I'm back in Tennessee for the next few days. Then Jess comes home, so I'll be distracted and ecstatic until the weekend. Then back to working on the house and the bee book.

OK! Laundry! Dishes! Packing! Bed!

i can do it...