February 29th, 2008


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Man, what a weird week of money frustrations.

1. They overcharged us on the closing costs of the house. So I got a refund check for $36. Opened a "free" checking account at the bank where we got our mortgage, so that we can set up direct drafts.

2. Got three nights of per diems coming to me, but I'm probably working out of state the first half of next week, so I can't get to the office to pick up the check. Also can't pick up my paycheck on Tuesday.

3. The State of California sent me a letter informing me that they were about to take some of my "unclaimed money". After several phone calls, I managed to figure out that I have stock in four mutual funds sitting in ING/ShareBuilder, formerly Wells Fargo/ShareBuilder. So, there's another $200 I can't readily access. It is safely mine now, but I'd have to cash it out if I want it.