February 16th, 2008


Wish I had a working scanner...

I've been doing character sketches for Maintenance Man all afternoon. Started by copying some comics, then moved on the flickr images of skydivers and trampolines. Getting some good stuff done.

Latest and greatest, the super villain group shot. The highly evolved chimp, Darwin, and his three female side kicks, April, May, and June. They are based on members of my friends' list. Once I can ink and scan it, I'll ask if they mind :)

Oh, house news. We have insurance (I am member of the NC Farm Bureau now?) and down payment, everything is set for next Thursday. Now if we can just afford food over the next few weeks, we'll be set.

Buy my books!

Happy with art? check. Ready to sell out? check!

Based on their popularity at the Con, I have added the ability to order signed prints of individual Sinister Bedfellows strips. Each comic is 6 x 2 inches, centered on a 10 x 8 print with title, date, and signature.

When ordering prints, please specify the date the comic appeared (or the URL).
Unfortunately, I can't offer prints of the 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird series.

Now, if only two people order prints today, I can buy food tomorrow for my poor wife who is stranded in France. If only 3500 people order prints, I can pay cash for my house next week.

A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees Update: The End is Nigh!


A copy of A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees has been emailed to every contributor whose email address I could remember. If you do not receive it by tomorrow, and you contributed, please let me know.

I still need to place several images and get the bios finished, but it looks to be 50+ pages of creepy kids-and-bees goodness.

Oxalá and the crick don't rise, I plan to put this puppy to bed next weekend!
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