January 26th, 2008


Info Dump: all I need is a red cape...

ideas bubbling over again, jotting them down for later... Superhero twins Cardinal and Jay...

The house is on hold again, we seem to have found a bank that will make a 95% loan despite the B2 zoning, we seem to have lined up the 5% plus down payment and PMI with the help of extended family... nothing we can do about it this weekend.

Got an unexpected cash infusion, buying larger hard drive tonight. Ordered a dozen copies of the new book to resell at WTHcon next month. Bought Jess a suitcase for her month in the French countryside.

Starting to plan a cross-country trip this summer. Jess is teaching in California and we're bringing back the 30 boxes of books and art we left out there four years ago. Anybody live close to I-40 who can put us up for a night?

Don't forget, tomorrow is Rabbit Hole Day, I think I'm finally slipping in...
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