January 16th, 2008


Life is a roller coaster and I'm eatin' chili dawgs!

Mortgage agent called and said "About that closing you are having in two days; could you fax over your W2 and a paystub from last October, before your company changed names/owners? I need it by tomorrow morning so I can overnight the paperwork to the attorney."

So, an hour of wrestling with the new phone-tree at work, in which I failed to reach the person who could print and fax this for me. Will try again first thing in the morning, if the "wintry mix" doesn't close the office.


On the other hand, took a leap of faith that may gain exposure for Sinister Bedfellows and several of its friends.

Yay optimistic ignorance!

Also, one of my chickens is lethargic. Not sure what to do, she may just have SAD.
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