December 30th, 2007


Quote of the day:

"When the kid's hair turns red, it is Batman in the operating room".
Robert "Mike Brady" Reed

Context: "Without belaboring the inequities of the script, which are varied and numerous, the major point to all this is: Once an actor has geared himself to play a given style with its prescribed level of belief, he cannot react to or accept within the same confines of the piece, a different style."

My Year in Review, Part 1

January: A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees call for entries, Cthulhuvida linoblocks, NCWCCC site launched, saw Scott McCloud, got nominated for the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards, got interviewed for a local weekly.

February: worked on Grims'julmar (never finished), WTHcon, interviewed for LuluRadio, worked many long days, fell down a flight of stairs.

March: Started the Daily Doggerel. failed to launch Clown Bondage Awareness Day, printed Cthulhuvida linoblocks, visited Ordinary, VA

April: Cthulhuvida launched, got Fleened, poetry in MUNGbeing, got fitted for wedding garb, ate Evil Jungle Noodles, designed wedding invitations, chased after illustrations for Bee Teasing.

May: Discovered new musics (Low, Pink Martini), health insurance screw-up part 1, traveled to Williamsburg for gown fittings, revised 1 Corinthians 13 for wedding.

June: Cthulhuvida starts in The Blotter, engagement party, Sasha got a tooth pulled, outlined Q: the true and accurate history of the Mexican conquest of Spain, got wedding rings, my uncle had a heart attack, Jess and I got married, ran off to Scotland, someone tried to blow up the airport.
Paint me

Year in Review, Part 2

July: turned 39, decided to incorporate Sinister Bedfellows (early 2008), Jess' grandmother passed away, Spooky Cat passed away, a grasshopper crawled up my pajama leg.

August: Guest at Trinoc*coN, housing inspector got divorced and moved away, Jess went back to Paris for a month, Sinister Bedfellows did 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird, ursulav and I were in a redneck zombie movie (Southern Undead), booked SinBed show at Padgett Station, jason0x21 built me a new computer, booked as guest for RavenCon, rejected by Threadless.

September: got Twittered, worked nights, weird dreams, Design essay for MUNGbeing, decided 2008 is year I record an album, installed Scribus (page layout for Linux) to finish those darned bees, got into wikipedia again.

October: Show at Padgett Station (they went out of business), got a rooster named Buddy, went to SPX, entered Cornbread of Joy & Sorrow in the State Fair, Ali Spagnola painted me in my kilt, metrocentric wrote me a story, failed at 24 Hour Comic Day (but I will finish Los Tres Vatos someday), bought socks.

November: Insurance fiasco #2 ("account is active, with a termination date of three months ago"), job interview with someone who had googled me, launched Silver Bullets game, realized we couldn't renovate this house, started looking for another one, bought crayons.

December: Cornbread of Joy & Sorrow in MUNGbeing, lots of alternative Xmas music, came up with Saint Claire and the Farnsworth Device, created 4 pages for the NCWCCC coffee table book (available next month), After 3 real estate agents, 6 mortgage agents, 5 contractors, and about a dozen houses, we have found the house and mortgage we want.

So, in the near future, Zombie movie should be released, NCWCCC anthology and A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees should be finished, Maintenance Man and BearCats of Mandhu should launch (at least in sneak-preview fashion).