December 14th, 2007


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For those keeping track at home, Silver Bullets chapter 4 has been completed, Chapter 5 is has been assigned. There will be 12.

Sorry I've been distant, life has been more insane the usual.

It looks like we will be buying a huge (4-6 bedrooms, depending on how you count) bungalow, built in 1916, in good condition, no neighbors, seriously, NO neighbors, we are the only house on the block. I can have a library! and a studio! and an office! and so can Jess! But this past week has been the realtor/mortgage shuffle. We're getting a deal.

Also, HA, I'm trying to publish TWO books before the end of the year. The blasted Bee thing must go away before I lose my mind, and the North Carolina WebComic Coffee Clatch Coffee Table Book (fortunately, Jamie of Clan of the Cats is doing most (well nigh all) of the work).

Oh, and working just a little over full time, planning Christmas travel and, well, living on chocolate, Advil, and coffee.

Oh, and planning for returning to school, incorporating, and these darned novella ideas keep dropping in.