December 2nd, 2007



A friend of mine asked if he could use one of my photos as the cover of his self-published (Lulu) book.

I was flattered, I said "of course!"

Then it got listed on Amazon. Cool!

Then it got converted to a Kindle eBook edition, without his knowledge.

And it is selling.

Without a royalty agreement for the electronic edition.

For either of us.


Gotta calm down now...

Finished and sent off the Cornbread of Joy and Sorrow essay that I thought was canceled weeks ago. I'll let you know once it's published (tomorrow?).

Did not work on the Bee book at all this weekend, feeling incredibly guilty, sure that there is no way it will ship in time for Christmas now, why, oh why can't I figure out how to control page numbers in Scribus?

Other projects moving along fine, since they are only virtual anyway.

Maybe I can fix those page numbers after dinner.

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