November 18th, 2007


Silver Bullets: update


It has now spread beyond my friends' list. The following have signed on:
tygerofdanyte, dirkdada, kisekinotenshi, ursulav, wolflady26, indigoskynet, torrain, ulfruna, pendamuse, kittykatya, jamiecotc, victor_von, jenndolari

Please feel free to sign up below (I want at least two more). I'm closing round one.

Here's the premise. The Lone Ranger was known for leaving behind silver bullets as his calling card. Silver Bullets are used for killing werewolves. So, we are doing the Lone Ranger as a werewolf hunter. See the movie Ravenous for mood :)

I'm sending each writer only the 250 words immediately preceding their contribution as well as my opening page. It's a variation of the Exquisite Corpse game. Please email the next 250 words back to me within a few days. Once it is finished, I'll post the complete story.

And there's more! One of the writers has lost the ability to stop writing 250 word Silver Bullet episodes and another friend wants to adapt our results for the Deadlands RPG, so I'm kicking this loose. Feel free to adapt the story for other venues, keeping in mind that the actual characters of The Lone Ranger and Tonto are owned by Entertainment Rights of the UK.

So, if your version doesn't fall under parody, use different names for your cowboys and indians. But for the basic Lone Ranger vs. Werewolves parody, please link back to my original Silver Bullets post. I'll update it with a link to the final story.