November 11th, 2007


Bee Teasing mockup

I know, I know... I keep saying it's "COMING SOON!"

Well, it is. I promise. I'm learning to use Scribus so I can lay it out on my Linux box. I think the front cover is finally finished, I need to decide what goes on the back. The stories are laid out, I need to fix the TOC and bios and figure out page numbering.

Waiting for two small illos, but will go without them if I finish everything else first.

New goal, it will be available for Christmas!

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I need to write poetry again. It's the cold weather and hot tea.

I was re-reading those poems I posted earlier this year. I still like this one.

i think that tree is fake

drinking black coffee in a white room
why do the couches always feel like this
please, don't cough on me
don't sit over here
don't talk
this is the worst coffee ever
worse than that gas station

i wonder how long those mints have been there
does anybody ever eat those mints
they look more like lints
no, not over here
sit closer to the bathroom
where you can see the tv
i'm planning to read that magazine
next, don't take it
she's taking a mint
i can't believe it
she took my magazine
and a lintmint

what is that in the bottom of my cup
coffee dirt
coffee earth
coffee grounds
coffee mud puddle in my cup
i can see my future
drinking coffee in a white room
i should have sat closer to the restroom
i think that tree is fake

© mckenzee 2007

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