November 5th, 2007


AND my socks are wet...

Spent the morning sitting around while the City and County governments argued over whether or not I could do my job. It came very close to involving the Department of Homeland Security. The saddest part is that this waste of taxpayers' money was just a case of one-up-mans-ship between supposed governmental partners.

Then I got a bill from my dentist, saying that the Insurance Company wasn't paying any benefits. I called the Insurance Company, waded through irrelevant mail-trees before finally reaching a human. They managed to pull up my account, which was "active, with a termination date of three months ago". Since no one involved could figure out what that meant, why there was a termination date on an active account, they escalated, then basically rebooted my account. They claim that the billing will be resubmitted automatically, but I will verify that online next week.

Now I'm chopping onions and dancing in the kitchen.