October 28th, 2007


Email sent from the House Judiciary Committee to TPMmuckraker.com

"The tip line was created to be a confidential method for Justice Department employees to provide the Judiciary Committee with information that might aid the Committee in its ongoing investigation of politicization at the Justice Department. Because of the confidentiality agreement, the Committee will not discuss any emails sent on this tip line. A technological error in a recent communication inadvertently disclosed certain email addresses. The Committee has not begun its review of the emails, and does not know if any of them are in fact from Justice Department employees as opposed to private citizens expressing more general views. The Committee apologizes for any concern this error may have caused, and is making every effort to protect the confidentiality of those who chose to provide information on the tip line."

The 'technological' error?

They pasted the email addresses of ALL wanna-be whistleblowers into the to: field, instead of the bcc: field. Then when trying to 'recall' the first email, they did it again. Oddly, vicepresident@whitehouse.gov was also copied.

Has recalling email ever really worked? From what I understand, you would have to recall it before it clears the mail server, which could take milliseconds.

Updates: I need some 30 hour days.

A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees: waiting on a couple of illustrations and bios. Still aiming for Nov. 1
Los Tres Vatos: 24 non-consecutive Hour Comic - mostly written, mostly sketched, some pages inked... need a new scanner to finish.
Q: The True History of the Mexican Conquest of Spain - maybe I should Nanowrimo this one? I only want it to be 36k, but I should probably write the 50k, then edit.
I, Hugo: someday I will write this historic novel. Getting close to 10 years of research now.

The Adventures of Maintenance Man and BearCats of Mandhu are doing nicely, in my notebooks, should see the light of day in the new year.