October 11th, 2007


Daily Twitter Log

  • 17:56 as of 7:45 am, the Cornbread of Joy & Sorrow has been entered in the State Fair. #
  • 17:58 Who's going to SPX? #
  • 22:59 been up since 4 am, so now to bed. Working all night tomorrow, then driving to SPX. #
  • 23:27 got a haircut, thinking about Kim Jong-il for Halloween. #
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What I am currently reading:

Weekly magazines: The New Yorker, The Economist
This week's comics: Repo, Thor, The Umbrella Academy

Spook Country by William Gibson (finished last night)
Dissolution by C.J. Sansom (in progress, kept in car)
Postmodernism for Beginners (in progress, kept in bathroom)
Demo by Brian Wood (in progress, next to computer)
Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest (research, next to bed)
The Collected Short Fiction of C.J. Cherryl (in progress, next to bed)

Pending books:
Mainspring by Jay Lake
Now and Forever, Etc. by Ray Bradbury
Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas (research)
The King who Rides a Tiger (research)
The King Never Smiles (research)
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    I was Married: Tegan & Sara