October 6th, 2007


I think it's cool, even if he won't illustrate my dreams.

Jesse of Slow Wave, a really cool dream based comic you should be reading, is starring in a new movie based on one of his more controversial cartoons. It's called Compound Eye.

"It centers around an East Bay cartoonist who draws a controversial comic strip depicting the World Trade Center rebuilt as an IHOP with two stacks of pancakes rising high into the sky, and how it affects his roommate who is trying to quietly run a pirate radio station out of his basement."

Meet Buddy

We seemed to have gained a rooster. His name is Buddy and he has escaped from the flock next door. As the youngest of the boys, he doesn't get no loving over there, so he has coöpted our coopsters, Betty Lou and Ms. Cackles. The girls don't seem to mind.

Buddy is a wild one, flying in and out over the fence, crowing belligerently whenever I come near. But, if he goes home, he is destined for the stewpot, so I think we'll keep him.
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