October 5th, 2007


(no subject)

Another week where I work 43 hours in 3 days.

Woke from a great dream where I was frying a paper thin slice of prosciutto, then sprinkled herbs, bread crumbs and goat cheese over it, then when it started to stick, I poured in some beaten eggs and scraped it off the pan, making scrambled eggs.

Meanwhile, on my dream radio, ursulav was being interviewed on NPR, where they called her a "multi-media-naire".

Where you can find me.

I will be at SPX on Saturday (the 13th) only. No table, no panels, I'm a paying guest, wandering around looking for you.

I will be at Padgett Station in Carrboro, NC, the following Saturday (the 20th), 2-4 pm for the ncwccc meeting and 6-8 pm at the reception for Sinister Bedfellows: Exhibition.

I will exist in other places at other times throughout the month, including a manhole, the doctor's office, several small towns in the Southeastern United States, I-40/85/95, and possibly bed.

MUNGbeing, Issue #16