October 2nd, 2007


I hung 28 prints, they asked how soon I could print 20 more!

Got up at 9:30 (yesterday), finished prints, drove to Chapel Hill, hung prints, found out my cousin (6 months younger) had had a heart attack, took Jess to Rare Books Library, ate a pita, went to the comic shop, went back to the coffee shop, read Doktor Sleepless #2, picked up Jess, went to Carrburrito, ate burrito, went to Weaver Street Market, bought groceries, drove home (25 miles), drove to Winston-Salem (50 miles), picked up bucket truck, drove to Charlotte (100 miles), worked 10 hours, drove back to Winston-Salem, dropped off bucket truck, drove home, fed chickens (we have a rooster now, Buddy. He escaped from next door), fixed the dryer (belt breaks if we put in too many towels and jeans), caught up on email.

Now to move the TV, DVD and cable connection into the bedroom, get about seven hours of sleep and drive back to Charlotte (via W-S) to work another 10 hours.

What did you do today?
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