September 1st, 2007


My Illi can has pink modern Japanese decor :p

I have no obligations for the next three days, which means I should be able to knock out some writing. I have a cool new computer, lots of funky new music, and 5 kinds of really good coffee from Paris!

And why can't Americans make decent cheap chocolate? MonoPrix Gourmet (the equivalent of Harris Teeter Deluxe) is better than any of the choclate in the $2-$3 dollar range I've tried.
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    Pacha Massive from Morning Becomes Eclectic


This icon is based on one of my kilted Con Sketches,by Chris Impink of Fragile Gravity.

Let's see... I figured out transparency on the GIMP, I found a cool new font, I'm making more coffee...

Wah, wah wah wah wah, wah wah wah...

great chorus:)
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    Architecture in Helsinki from Morning Becomes Eclectic