August 30th, 2007


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Tomorrow morning I get up way too early and drive to Virginia to work. Then I come home and finish cleaning the house before my WIFE comes home (yes, we are still at the stage where we emphasize it).

Tonight, new music, lots of laundry, and I think a thunderstorm.
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I think we have a Darwin Award runner up

We had a power outage at work last weekend. Here's why:

Police, when investigating an explosion early Sunday morning at the Duke Energy substation, found Joseph Stewart hanging from a wire 20 feet in the air The substation is surrounded by a chain-link fence that is about 6 feet tall and has three strands of barbed wire above it.

Police said that Stewart broke into the substation and was stealing copper ground wiring from the transformers when he triggered the explosion and was electrocuted. Before they could find a ladder, Stewart fell 20 feet to the ground.

Stewart is hospitalized with life-threatening electrical-shock and trauma injuries. No charges have yet been filed.