August 26th, 2007


I have always relied on the kindness of geeks.

Thanks to the generosity of jason0x21 and spkorb, I have a new computer.

Thanks to Jason and I underestimating the obsolescence of my monitor collection, I have an unusable new computer for the moment. But I'm going to try to figure out system-config-display on my own, and if that fails I will borrow a higher-rez monitor long enough to reset the resolution to 800x600.

Also, I seem to have designed a steam-punk single-patty flame-broiler in my daydreams. I have discussed it with both a gas oven repairman and a metalworker and it seems possible. Insert meat, set dial to rare/medium/well-done, and watch it get engulfed in flame. Yum!

Also, I have double stuf oreos.