August 25th, 2007


Zmrzlina: it's Czech for Ice Cream!

1. I've got to get on Threadless once I have a working connection again. I'm dreaming great 70's european tees now. Like Zmrzlina.

2. I'm failing at writing. Too many fragments...

3. Sinister Bedfellows is still updating every other day for another week.

4. In the month of September I need to:
  • Get the mortgage straightened out with a new company
  • Finish A Child's Guide to Teasing Bees
  • Finish the dead-tree version of Cthulhuvida
  • Finish my essay of Design for MUNGbeing (due the 15th)
  • Finish a page for Hoojie Crew anthology
  • Get 30 comics printed and framed for the Sinister Bedfellows' show
  • Finish press and supporting materials for show
  • Work on BearCats' script and Mexican novella
  • Flag paintings! (remind me to mention these later)
  • Find somewhere to live while the house is remodeled
  • Get back into school.

  • I'll stop now before I get scared.