August 24th, 2007


How's this for really short notice? Reposting for rosscott

Are you in the DC/MD/VA area? You may be interested to hear about ULTIMATE KAIJU ALL-STAR BARRAGE. A rock show / art show featuring the work of a great deal of webcomic artists.

On Friday Night, August 24th, music and art collide in an explosion of ink, paint and rock and roll, as the Ottobar becomes the battleground for a night of amazing music and an artshow giving props to the world of Kaiju.

What’s Kaiju, you ask? Kaiju is the funtastic world of Japanese monster films, including flicks such as Godzilla, which usually feature imaginative monsters and/or robots battling it out in the cardboard cutout streets of Tokyo. These shlock filled films have brewed the imagination of creative types for years, and on August 24th, we intend to honor them.

Starting at 7pm, the fun hits the Ottobar upstairs, with an all-kaiju styled artshow. Not just any artshow mind you, as it features the artistic talents of some of the best from Baltimore and the world of webcomics, such as:

* Ghostfreehood (Artist/Creator of Dead of Summer)
* Jereminus (Charm City based artist)
* Onezumi (Artist/Creator of
* Jami Noguchi (Artist of Erfworld, Artist/Creator of Angry Zen Master)
* Chris Impink (Artist of Fragile Gravity)
* Ross Nover (Artist of The Rockets/Not Quite Wrong)

At 9pm, the fun and excitement continues downstairs, as Ultimate Kaiju All-Star Barrage presents one of the hottest music events to hit Baltimore, featuring:

* The Dollyrots
* Karmella’s Game
* The Protomen
* Peelander-Z

2 great shows, 1 amazing Friday night, and tickets are just $10. It’d be a steal at twice the price!

For more information on the show, the artists, the bands, and a link for tickets, check out the official Ultimate Kaiju All-Star Barrage mini-site at

August 24th…The Ottobar…Baltimore, MD…Be there, or be rectangular!