August 22nd, 2007


and so it goes......ZOOOOOM!

I managed to break another computer. It seems it is a bad idea to start the truck when you have the laptop plugged into an inverter plugged into the cigarette lighter (sorry, the powerpoint). Now I have access to 3 laptops and 2 desktops that either don't boot or can't quite reach the internet.

Fortunately, I got off work today, so I'm at the library. Yay Library!

Unfortunately, I got off work by putting in a useless 16 hour day yesterday, when I was supposed to be attending a going away gathering for dollraves and ursulav. They now fall onto my long list of random phonecall/social networking friends, instead of my food and drinks face-to-face friends, at least for a while.

Hey, friends in the Bay area, you should meet these two incredibly talented ladies. They are on their way to San Jose.

Geek alert!

Know what's really fun? Going into a well-stocked comicbook shop and recognizing work by over a dozen of my LJ friends.

Good job, gang!