August 19th, 2007


Today, as I saw it

Went to the special NCWCCC going away party for ursulav. Nice group there for pizza, then coffee. I'll have photos in a few days.

Then a quick ride home, a change of clothes, and Ursula and I met in Mebane for the Zombie movie. We both ripped the sleeves off our flannel shirts, then did each other's makeup. I got a jagged headwound, she got a bullet hole in the forehead.

Filming, as always, was a lot of very slow confusion and waiting. The fact that it was all redneck zombies in the crowd made it bearable. Finally, after the female double-machete zombie massacre dolly shot, we bailed to get food and sleep.

She's moving to California Wednesday, but I think this was a decent sendoff.