August 3rd, 2007


But over all, life is good. I'm happily married and wearing a kilt.

Today, I worked 11 hours. That makes 53 for the week.

This morning, [giant telecom] called and said that the deadline for installing the fiber for [local university] had been moved up. As in, by Monday morning. As in, of course we expect you to be at work tomorrow at 7 am.

Tomorrow is my wife's birthday. Monday she leaves for a month in France. I am not happy.

The 25 hours of overtime will be nice, though.

Also, the house we are trying to buy and renovate?
The HUD inspector got divorced and moved 2 hours away and no longer wants to work with us.
The mortgage company that said we are approved as soon as we get a revised estimate from above mentioned inspector... went bankrupt.

Oh, and I'm at Trinoc*coN tonight, from 9-11, so I'll be getting less than 6 hours of sleep for the fourth time this week.


I loves me some Cash.

Folsom Prison Blues rewritten as a limerick by some guy named Jake, here.

There was once a fellow in jail
Who envied those ridin' the rail
He said, "I'd be eatin'
Like a filthy rich cretin
If not for that Reno detail.