June 13th, 2007


Pretty as a Picture pre-orders

Here's the deal. I want to start sellling prints. I also want to pay my bills. So, prints from Sinister Bedfellows are now available for preorder.

They are $10, plus shipping (and tax if you are in NC). The image will be 2"x6" on a 5"x7" page. Full color, done as best I can on my inkjet.

To order, click below, and specify the strip that you wan, by date. The date can be found at the top of your browser, or in the URL, for example http://mckenzee.comicgenesis.com/d/20070610.html would be June 10, 2007 (just copying the URL will work also.

I am off to get married, but will start printing and shipping these the weekend after July 4th. I'm also willing to do the images from C∂ulhuvi∂a, but they would of course be black and white. There will be actual art prints (at actual art prices) of C∂ulhuvi∂a later this year.

For international orders, I will contact you about additional international shipping before I print your order.

If there are no preorders, I'll assume no one likes me.
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I have wandered back into the wilderness of CafePress, because I couldn't shake the idea of Cthulhu clockage.

Click the clock for this and other print on demand household items featuring C∂ulhu (and some of my old Paris photos and stuff)

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